Thursday, February 9, 2012

Swap Goodies

Now that I know my swap goodies that went out have been received, I can share them with all of you.
The first one is for Cheryll's  .
This first batch of goodies went to Teri.  Teri does not have a blog and she is a quilter.  I crocheted her a heart shaped pillow with yellow roses.  I picked yellow roses because they mean friendship.  I used the pattern from HERE for the pillow.  But I did add a few extra rows here and there to make it bigger. The roses are from another pattern but I can't remember where I got it.  I just did a search for crochet roses pattern and found it.  The vine and letters I did myself. It had to have a heart and the persons initial on it.

  I also crochet her a little heart shaped pouch with a loop and button closure.  I then stuffed it full of goodies including scissors, pins, needles, seam ripper, and retractable tape measure.  At the last minute I decided she also needed some granny dish cloths in citrus colors.  She also received, two kinds of smelly good lotion, notebook and note pad (with magnet for fridge), sticky notes, tissues, a pedicure mini set, and some candy (chocolate and convo hearts).  Here is the picture she sent me. She said she loved all of her goodies! And I loved seeing something I made living at someone else's house.

The next batch is from my Valentines swap on Ravlery.  The person I sent to on this one was Megan.  Her Ravelry name is Turtlegrl24 and her blog is Turtle House.

Because she loves turtles I couldn't resist making her a turtle in her favorite colors.  I added a heart on each side and made him a Valentines turtle.  Because she is a knitter, I made her some charm stitch markers with turtles on them and of course there had to be one with a heart for Valentines day. She also got some of the things listed above that Teri got, just in different colors and smells. I crochet a red and white bath puff from HERE. It has hearts that hang down on the end of the part you use to cinch it up with.  And who doesn't need some granny dish cloths.  Her favorite colors are blues and purples.

I had fun making all of these goodies and can't wait to get my last swap goodies.  I did get my box of goodies, from the giveaway I won from Susanne, today.  I almost fell over when I opened it and found all of those wonderful things pictured HERE on her blog plus a WHOLE LOT MORE!  I will leave you in suspense until I can get pictures taken and post them on here.  Maybe tomorrow.  I am off to let her know I did get it today and then eat some lunch, work on finishing the scarf from HERE (which I had to frog and start over because it was growing the wrong way), the I have to pick up Miss Priss and go get her hair cut.   We are supposed to get snow tonight or in the morning and I must admit I am getting excited.  Hubby works for the highway department and says snow really is a four letter word to him but I still like it. So maybe I can post some picks of my four babies (2 human and 2 pups) playing in the white stuff. We bought the kids new sleds this year and they have been disappointed because it has been warm this year and no snow in site. Hope you have a great day!

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  1. The cushion is beautiful and that turtle is simply adorable. Lucky swap partners. I am off to have a look at the other pictures now. Have a great weekend. Hugs xox


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