Friday, February 10, 2012


I thought Friday would never come this week.  I was so afraid that I would go to be last night and wake up this morning just to have someone tell me it was Monday again.  AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.  This had been a long week.  I'm not sure why but it has been.  It has been hard for everyone to get up and going this week.  They were ready to go this morning knowing it was Friday though.  Both kids jump out of the car and ran into school ready to get this day going so it could be over.  Hubby and I have a date night tonight.  Grammy and Papa are keeping the little people for awhile tonight so we can celebrate Valentines day a little early.  We are going out to eat and then (this is my favorite part) , Hubby is taking me to the yarn store (giggle giggle).  He said I could get a little yarn so that I can make some more of the Wiggles and Giggles blankets.  I have an idea for them but don't have the right kind of yarn to do it with.  Plus I am going to pickup some material to make the kids a 26" floor pillow for valentines day.  This cute pillows are in the Sew Up A Home Makeover Book that I reviewed HERE.  They are called ravioli pillows.  I can't wait to get started on them.   I posted yesterday about getting my box of goodies from Susanne's giveaway.  I took pictures this morning so after I show you my finish off for the week I will share those with you. After you finish here please visit some of these other great links by clicking on the pictures below.

I finished mom scarf.  I'm not really ticked about the way it turned out.  It looks great here but, I think I smaller hook will be used next time or I will learn to knit one.  I do like the colors though.  Now I can start on some fingerless gloves for Miss Priss, and work on the other ideas I have for the Wiggles and Giggles blankets.  Now on to the goodies.
 Here is picture of all of it together.
 These are all of the fun project goodies.  There is a coin purse kit, felt flower kit, lovely linen MP3 holder kit, a felt ring kit, a small and sassy purses pattern book, a quick and easy butterfly yo yo maker, and a snowman/snowflake plastic canvas kit.
 A set of three lovely knit dishcloths, some cute rose shaped soaps you drop in the bath water, and some handmade goat milk soap in plumeria sent.  Sniff sniff EMMM smells LOVELY!
 A cute Valentines tin filled with yummy chocolates, 2 very pretty and fuzzy soft yarns, a pretty pack of sticky notes.
 A Blessing Jar.  Susan used to make these and sell them.  I have more pictures below of the card and details around the rim.
 3 oh so cute pumpkins.  They are in the picture above but hard to see.  I love their facial expressions.
I loved everything in the box but, this heart was my favorite thing.  The acorns are hand made by her husband and I plan to hang them on our Christmas tree this year.  I am a country girl and this heart just screams me!!  I love the colors.  I will be hung in my bedroom so that I can look at it everyday.  It makes me smile every time I  look at it.
 This is the little phrase on the card that in hanging on  the Blessing Jar.
The rim of the jar had a cross stitched decorative boarder.  I cant' wait to start using it.
I feel so bless to have won all of these wonderful goodies.  I told Susanne I almost had to check the calendar to make sure it wasn't Christmas again already because it sure felt like it when I opened this box.  Please keep Susanne and her husband in your prayers.  Her husband is going through cancer treatments right now and it is some mean mean mean stuff.  You can go to her blog to find out more of the details.
Have a great day all and my you have a fun, silly, lazy, quiet, restful, peaceful weekend. And don't forget to enter my giveaway HERE.  I will pick a winner next weekend.


  1. You hit the jackpot. Such cool goodies. Your mother's scarf is very interesting, nice color choices.

  2. Taking you to the yarn that is the mark of a good husband.

  3. Hi Mel, Thanks you for the head's up on my blog. So glad you liked the things I sent. The instructions will be in tomorrow's mail. I had a chance to look around your pages and saw the link for the crocheted little hex puffs. I also saw them on the Little Owl site and was absolutely smitten, they are on my to-do list, but now that I see the crocheted version I may just try those first. Thanks for sharing the info on them.
    (((HUGS))) Susanne :)

  4. Wow! Now that is quite the prize haul. Lucky you. That scarf you made is totally adorable. I bet she will like it.

  5. Wow... cool score! I like the scarf too.

  6. Oh, that scarf is wonderful! ANd the blessing jar is a really great idea! Thanks for sharing :)


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